I wanted to capture the audience into a raw aspect of this performance. This resulted with me adapting myself into the iraqi inspired living room I created - Listening to Iraqi music & reading a book called “Sirens of Baghdad” (intentionality foreshadowing the importance of the performance) - 65KG of sand is all disguised at this point of the performance blending into the furniture

Performing with the visuals I created - My dad talks about the consequences of the war and how our family was impacted - what triggered this performance the most is my Dad talking about how family photos were stolen from our house during the war - I wanted to use empty frames to symbolize how the war literally wiped away everything (which is why I appear to be smashing all the frames and burying the pictures in sand)

After hearing both myself, my father and cousin speak about our struggles concerning our Iraqi identity, my Grandmother’s trauma and our family - I decided to use sand to transition the living room I created into a literal bomb site. The performance concludes with the sad reality of almost everything being destructed other than a few empty frames and the TV remaining. All there is at this ending point of the performance is my Father's voice playing in the background, showing that due to the war, the sad reality is that the only memories we have standing are the stories my father tells us, everything else seems to be nonexistent.